Welcome to GPT Index!

GPT Index is a project consisting of a set of data structures designed to make it easier to use large external knowledge bases with LLMs.

🚀 Overview


  • LLMs are a phenomenonal piece of technology for knowledge generation and reasoning.

  • A big limitation of LLMs is context size (e.g. Davinci’s limit is 4096 tokens. Large, but not infinite).

  • The ability to feed “knowledge” to LLMs is restricted to this limited prompt size and model weights.

Proposed Solution

That’s where the GPT Index comes in. GPT Index is a simple, flexible interface between your external data and LLMs. It resolves the following pain points:

  • Provides simple data structures to resolve prompt size limitations.

  • Offers data connectors to your external data sources.

  • Offers you a comprehensive toolset trading off cost and performance.

At the core of GPT Index is a data structure. Instead of relying on world knowledge encoded in the model weights, a GPT Index data structure does the following:

  • Uses a pre-trained LLM primarily for reasoning/summarization instead of prior knowledge.

  • Takes as input a large corpus of text data and build a structured index over it (using an LLM or heuristics).

  • Allow users to query the index by passing in an LLM prompt, and obtaining a response.