Welcome to LlamaIndex πŸ¦™ !

LlamaIndex (GPT Index) is a data framework for your LLM application.


πŸš€ Overview


  • LLMs are a phenomenonal piece of technology for knowledge generation and reasoning. They are pre-trained on large amounts of publicly available data.

  • How do we best augment LLMs with our own private data?

We need a comprehensive toolkit to help perform this data augmentation for LLMs.

Proposed Solution

That’s where LlamaIndex comes in. LlamaIndex is a β€œdata framework” to help you build LLM apps. It provides the following tools:

  • Offers data connectors to ingest your existing data sources and data formats (APIs, PDFs, docs, SQL, etc.)

  • Provides ways to structure your data (indices, graphs) so that this data can be easily used with LLMs.

  • Provides an advanced retrieval/query interface over your data: Feed in any LLM input prompt, get back retrieved context and knowledge-augmented output.

  • Allows easy integrations with your outer application framework (e.g. with LangChain, Flask, Docker, ChatGPT, anything else).

LlamaIndex provides tools for both beginner users and advanced users. Our high-level API allows beginner users to use LlamaIndex to ingest and query their data in 5 lines of code. Our lower-level APIs allow advanced users to customize and extend any module (data connectors, indices, retrievers, query engines, reranking modules), to fit their needs.