Vector Stores

Vector stores contain embedding vectors of ingested document chunks (and sometimes the document chunks as well).

Simple Vector Store

By default, LlamaIndex uses a simple in-memory vector store that’s great for quick experimentation. They can be persisted to (and loaded from) disk by calling vector_store.persist() (and SimpleVectorStore.from_persist_path(...) respectively).

Third-Party Vector Store Integrations

We also integrate with a wide range of vector store implementations. They mainly differ in 2 aspects:

  1. in-memory vs. hosted

  2. stores only vector embeddings vs. also stores documents

In-Memory Vector Stores

  • Faiss

  • Chroma

(Self) Hosted Vector Stores

  • Pinecone

  • Weaviate

  • Milvus/Zilliz

  • Qdrant

  • Chroma

  • Opensearch

  • DeepLake

  • MyScale