Query Bundle

Query Schema.

This schema is used under the hood for all queries, but is primarily exposed for recursive queries over composable indices.

class llama_index.indices.query.schema.QueryBundle(query_str: str, custom_embedding_strs: Optional[List[str]] = None, embedding: Optional[List[float]] = None)

Query bundle.

This dataclass contains the original query string and associated transformations.

  • query_str (str) – the original user-specified query string. This is currently used by all non embedding-based queries.

  • embedding_strs (list[str]) – list of strings used for embedding the query. This is currently used by all embedding-based queries.

  • embedding (list[float]) – the stored embedding for the query.

property embedding_strs: List[str]

Use custom embedding strs if specified, otherwise use query str.