ReAct Chat Engine

class llama_index.chat_engine.react.ReActChatEngine(query_engine_tools: Sequence[QueryEngineTool], service_context: ServiceContext, memory: BaseChatMemory, verbose: bool = False)

ReAct Chat Engine.

Use a ReAct agent loop with query engine tools. Implemented via LangChain agent.

async achat(message: str) Union[Response, StreamingResponse]

Async version of main chat interface.

chat(message: str) Union[Response, StreamingResponse]

Main chat interface.

chat_repl() None

Enter interactive chat REPL.

classmethod from_defaults(query_engine_tools: Sequence[QueryEngineTool], service_context: Optional[ServiceContext] = None, memory: Optional[BaseChatMemory] = None, chat_history: Optional[List[Tuple[str, str]]] = None, verbose: bool = False, **kwargs: Any) ReActChatEngine

Initialize a ReActChatEngine from default parameters.

reset() None

Reset conversation state.