😎 App Showcase

Here is a sample of some of the incredible applications and tools built on top of LlamaIndex!

Meru - Dense Data Retrieval API

Hosted API service. Includes a β€œDense Data Retrieval” API built on top of LlamaIndex where users can upload their documents and query them. [Website]


Build AI workflows using building blocks. Many workflows built on top of LlamaIndex.


ChatGPT LlamaIndex

Interface that allows users to upload long docs and chat with the bot. [Tweet thread]


A web tool to build agents, interacting with LlamaIndex data structures.[Website]


Feed any of the following content into GPT to give it deep customized knowledge:

  • Scientific Papers

  • Substack Articles

  • Podcasts

  • Github Repos and more.

[Tweet thread] [Website]

VideoQues + DocsQues

VideoQues: A tool that answers your queries on YouTube videos. [LinkedIn post here].

DocsQues: A tool that answers your questions on longer documents (including .pdfs!) [LinkedIn post here].


A platform to access/understand research papers.

[Tweet thread].


Contextual search on top of LinkedIn search results. [LinkedIn post here].

Personal Note Chatbot

A chatbot that can answer questions over a directory of Obsidian notes. [Tweet thread].


Ask questions about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Tweet thread] [Website]


A journaling app that uses AI to uncover insights and patterns over time. [Website]


The First AI Co-Founder for Your Start-up πŸ™Œ

CoFounder is a platform to revolutionize the start-up ecosystem by providing founders with unparalleled tools, resources, and support. We are changing how founders build their companies from 0-1β€”productizing the accelerator/incubator programs using AI.

Current features:

  • AI Investor Matching and Introduction and Tracking

  • AI Pitch Deck creation

  • Real-time Pitch Deck practice/feedback

  • Automatic Competitive Analysis / Watchlist

  • More coming soon…


Al-X by OpenExO

Your Digital Transformation Co-Pilot [Website]


Summarize any document, audio or video with AI [Website]


Python package for webscraping in Natural language. [Tweet thread] [Github]