Principled Development Practices

In order to develop your application, it can help to implement some principled development practices.

Here we provide some general guidance to help you better anticipate the challenges and concerns you may encounter as you develop your LLM application.

We’ve also accumulated some techniques for creating more performant RAG applications.

With that said, we want to establish some general pillars of principled development for LLM and RAG applications.

  • The first pillar is observability: setting up initial tools to observe, debug your system and evaluate it on ad-hoc examples.

  • The next pillar is evaluation: being able to evaluate different components of your system so that you can experiment and improve it in a more systematic fashion.

  • The last pillar is monitoring: after the application is deployed, we want to continuously monitor and test that it is performing well in production.

Contribute Your Insights!

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