Retriever Modes

Here we show the mapping from retriever_mode configuration to the selected retriever class.

Note that retriever_mode can mean different thing for different index classes.

Vector Index

Specifying retriever_mode has no effect (silently ignored). vector_index.as_retriever(...) always returns a VectorIndexRetriever.

Summary Index

  • default: SummaryIndexRetriever

  • embedding: SummaryIndexEmbeddingRetriever

  • llm: SummaryIndexLLMRetriever

Tree Index

  • select_leaf: TreeSelectLeafRetriever

  • select_leaf_embedding: TreeSelectLeafEmbeddingRetriever

  • all_leaf: TreeAllLeafRetriever

  • root: TreeRootRetriever

Keyword Table Index

  • default: KeywordTableGPTRetriever

  • simple: KeywordTableSimpleRetriever

  • rake: KeywordTableRAKERetriever

Knowledge Graph Index

  • keyword: KGTableRetriever

  • embedding: KGTableRetriever

  • hybrid: KGTableRetriever

Document Summary Index

  • default: DocumentSummaryIndexRetriever

  • embedding: DocumentSummaryIndexEmbeddingRetrievers